QPU x GPU x Machine Learning

Quantum Machine Learning with GPU x QPU

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Everything about quantum computing is here.

Take advantage of our full stack, from applications to hardware, to accelerate your quantum computer application development. We also support new business development for hardware development.



Quantum Computer Software Development Kit

We provide a free software development kit for developing quantum computer applications. You can develop applications in various fields by writing quantum circuits. It can also be used in combination with the blueqat cloud to throw tasks to an actual quantum computer.




blueqat cloud

Quantum Computer Cloud Service

Quantum computers are generally provided via the Internet, since they are often located in places where the environment is still stable and are difficult to obtain. blueqat provides a cloud environment that can be used by logging in from a browser on your PC. The blueqat cloud environment can be used by logging in from your PC browser, making it easy for you to start developing quantum computer applications. There are free plans and paid plans for companies.




Silicon Quantum Computers

Next-generation quantum computer hardware

blueqat is developing hardware for a new next-generation quantum computer. Silicon quantum computers are a method that requires less power for cooling than conventional quantum computers and is said to have advantages in integration using state-of-the-art commercial processes. We are developing this development together with many supply chain companies. Inquiries can be made through blueqat or SEMI Japan, the semiconductor industry association. Interested companies are welcome to participate.

SEMI Japan



Quantum Business Magazine

Worldwide Quantum Computing News and Databases

In cooperation with the U.S.-based Quantum Computing Report, blueqat provides the latest global quantum computing news and a quantum computing database for companies and individuals. You can understand the state of the world's quantum computers simply by subscribing to Japanese articles translated almost exclusively from the U.S. and in real time. Paid plans also include access to monthly summary reports and databases.

Quantum Business Magazine

Quantum Computing Report



Operation of the University of Tokyo Endowed Chair in Quantum Software

Promoting the Utilization of Quantum Computers through Collaboration between the Business Alliance and the University of Tokyo

blueqat is participating in the consortium as a promoter and operating the University of Tokyo's Endowed Chair in Quantum Software, which aims to promote the use of quantum computers in society. We are aiming for social implementation and human resource development in companies, focusing mainly on applications such as machine learning, regardless of the machine used. We are also looking for additional participants, so please join us.

Endowed Chair in Quantum Software, The University of Tokyo



No-Code Quantum Computer App

Difficult quantum computing apps can be run with just a mouse or click

Programming a quantum computer looks difficult using Python, etc. The no-code tools developed by blueqat automatically generate a specific problem with a simple mouse click, run it on a quantum computer or quantum circuit simulator, and visualize the results in your browser! The results can then be visualized in your browser.




Large-scale quantum circuit simulator

Quantum computer simulations utilizing high-performance CPUs and GPUs

blueqat utilizes a variety of existing machines for large-scale simulations and hybrid systems. If you need a high-performance HPC for exploring future applications or hybrid use of quantum computers, please contact us. We provide installation support and offer We use GPU quantum circuit simulators such as cuQuantum, a GPU quantum circuit simulator running around NVIDIA's DGX solution, which we have mainly employed.

NVIDIA cuQuantum



Quantum Annealing and Pseudo-Quantum Annealing Contract Development

Using existing libraries to address social issues

Although blueqat no longer provides its own library, Wildqat, for quantum annealing, we offer contract development of applications for discrete optimization calculations using D-Wave, Neal, PyQubo, etc. to meet customer needs. We also provide web application interface implementations, so please contact us for contract development of Python programs and web applications.



Machine Learning and Deep Learning Contract Development

From state-of-the-art deep learning implementations to on-site machine learning and DB implementations

blueqat is a member of the NVIDIA Inception Partner program. We are working on state-of-the-art deep learning and machine learning projects. Our machine learning team can take care of everything from database maintenance to implementation of various machine learning projects. We look forward to working with you. The model to be used can be adapted to each project upon request.


Contact us

We accept various inquiries about quantum computers. Please feel free to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer many questions related to the quantum computing field and services.

What is Quantum Cloud Services? -

The quantum cloud service we provide is an application development environment for quantum computers, where software and other components are installed, and quantum computers and simulators can be utilized immediately.

How can I use a real quantum computer? +

The main body of the quantum computer is located mainly overseas. You will have to pay to use it, so you can sign up for blueqat's subscription service or purchase paid credits to perform tasks through API keys.

What software development kits are available? +

The blueqatSDK developed by blueqat is available as a software development kit for quantum computers.

Is it a quantum gate method? Annealing method? +

The services we provide are mainly in the form of quantum gating, in which quantum circuits are assembled and executed. We used to offer the quantum annealing method, but we no longer offer it.