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This year's event is even larger in scale than the previous one, with many partner companies participating, offering a full range of solutions from hardware to applications. We hope you will consider using quantum computers.

Yuichiro Minato

CEO, blueqat Inc.

blueqat Exhibit Services

Exhibit Details.

Quantum Computer Starter Pack

This is a set of system, education, and research reports for companies that are looking to enter the quantum computing industry and train quantum personnel.

Monthly Cloud Subscription

A set of cloud servers and credits for actual quantum computers for paying companies.

Quantum Computer Curriculum Support

Combined with monthly cloud subscriptions, we can efficiently tailor a Quantum Apps curriculum to your business and train your staff through monthly support.

Semiconductor Quantum Computer Hardware Development

We are developing a real quantum computer using electron chips, refrigeration and electronics related.

Machine Learning, Mathematical Optimization, Annealing Contract Development

We provide contract development for machine learning, mathematical optimization, quantum annealing, and pseudo-quantum annealing. We will develop the model and format you require.


Co-Exhibitor Service Information

The following is an introduction to the services exhibited by each of the joint exhibitors. For inquiries, please contact each company.





[Service Name]

Quantum Computers Research & Consulting

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Consulting


[Service Details]

Quantum computer market research and analysis

Quantum software and algorithm research and consulting

We provide total support for machine learning, deep learning, consulting, prototyping, and system development.


  Detailed explanations of the basics and applications of machine learning and deep learning, including theory, tools, and frameworks.

 Consulting Services

  Analysis of the problem to be solved

  Confirmation of existing data and consideration of data that needs to be added

  Examination of analysis methods

  Prototype construction and trial

  Basic design of a fully operational system

 AI/DX platform Dataiku introduction support, technical support, and education

  Low-code, flow-type platform with AutoML to automate machine learning and rich standard processing libraries

  Data analysis and information sharing platform for executives, managers, data managers, data scientists, and business personnel


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The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)


[Service Name]

Device Prototyping for Silicon Quantum Computers

[Service Details]

Technical consultation and joint research on silicon quantum computer technology

Provision of devices for prototyping and testing of silicon qubit devices

Providing environment for prototyping and testing silicon qubit devices and other semiconductor devices


[Link to AIST]



ARK Information Systems


[Service Name]

Numerical simulation using a quantum computer


[Service Details]

Scientific and technical computing and numerical analysis of classical computers and quantum-classical hybrids

Proposal of a computational framework for quantum-classical hybrids attributed to linear equations


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Avelio Systems


[Service Name]

Mathematical/Machine Learning Model Building, Quantum Computer POC


[Service Details]

Our team of experts can assist you in building mathematical/machine learning models and implementing algorithms. 

There are many problems in society, but often mathematical model building and numerical understanding can be obtained.

We build mathematical models from observations of social phenomena, derive similar equations from findings in modern mathematical physics, and derive analytical and simulation solutions. 

Stochastic Models and Time Series Data Prediction

Time-series data can be predicted by modeling the object to be analyzed as following a stochastic law. Time-series data forecasting Stock price forecasting Language modeling Speech analysis Video analysis Motion and behavior forecasting

Mathematical optimization

Mathematical optimization: Solve problems using general-purpose solvers or proprietary algorithms by formulating the target problem into an objective function and constraint conditions.

Machine Learning

Classify and determine unknown objects by automatically learning laws from training data or the data itself. Neural network Scikit-learn Image analysis Video analysis Automatic classification Automatic decision making

Quantum Computer POC

Study and implementation of solutions using quantum computers in real-world problems


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[Service Name]

・Post-Quantum Cryptography

・Eco-friendly Mining 

・Verifiable Scripting


[Service Details]

Hardware and software for quantum cryptography-resistant blockchain

Development of a quantum resistant cyber security platform on the blockchain

Development and manufacturing of quantum secure algorithms and devices

Development of algorithms that work without compromising security and significantly reduce energy and cost requirements.

By providing solutions for quantum cryptography resistant, the company aims to provide security safeguards for blockchain technology and at the same time to realize energy efficient blockchain networks. The company is headquartered in Liechtenstein.


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[Service Name]

QCNC(QC Nutrient Calculation)


[Service Details]

The system can optimize nutritional problems and make menu suggestions using QAOA.

Three functions of QCNC (QC Nutrient Calculation)

1. Customizable Nutrient Calculation

Calculates the nutritional value of meals according to the nutritional value that each person wants to consume, such as low in carbohydrates and high in protein.

2. Menu Suggestion

We propose various menus, such as what can be added to this menu to improve the nutritional balance.

Cooperation with Insurance Services

By managing your diet with QCNC, you can improve your health and manage your health, which can lead to discounts on insurance premiums.

Examples of menu suggestions

1. People who want to lose weight

We will propose a menu with ingredients that are good for weight loss.

2. People with allergies or dislikes

We suggest menus excluding foods to which you are allergic or dislike.

3. People who want to consume ingredients in the refrigerator

We will propose a menu that uses ingredients from your refrigerator or takes into account additional ingredients.

The menu can be proposed by multiplying these requests.

Want to lose weight x Suggest a menu that excludes allergic foods

Consumption of ingredients in the refrigerator x Suggestion of a menu with inexpensive ingredients... etc. etc.


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[Service Name]

Quantum Computers Research, Modeling, and Software Development


[Service Details]

We investigate how quantum computers can be used to implement parts of real-world problems that are computed using classical computers.

We will model problems that can theoretically be implemented with a quantum computer using quantum computation.

We develop software using quantum computers. We support quantum gate, quantum annealing, and hybrid methods.


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[Service Name]

Atos Quantum Learning Machine


[Service Details]

The Quantum Learning Machine (QLM) from Atos is an advanced appliance with a quantum software development environment and a high-performance quantum processor simulator.

The QLM simulates the behavior of a quantum computer, so quantum algorithms can be developed without quantum hardware.

While each quantum hardware manufacturer has its own programming software based on various quantum technologies such as quantum annealing, superconducting qubits, and trapped ions, QLM provides a generic programming environment that avoids vendor lock-in.

Therefore, quantum algorithms developed with QLM can run on any manufacturer's quantum computer.

QLM enables companies to prepare use-case-specific algorithms and adopt them for current and future quantum technologies, and supports research and educational institutions in training their quantum programming personnel to promote advanced research.

Intelligent Wave, as a distributor of QLM in Japan, supports customers in their introduction of quantum computing.


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[Service Name]

NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD Dramatically Accelerates Quantum Circuit Simulation


[Service Details]

The NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, an AI supercomputer that brings innovation to quantum computing research, enables high-speed large-scale computation that could not be achieved with conventional methods when used in combination with the simulator cuQuantum SDK.

Macnica will support the introduction of cuQuantum SDK and the construction of an optimal GPU computing environment for customers.


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[Service Name]

Development and sales of quantum finance software (Qiwi) and educational content, joint research with companies and universities


[Service Details]

We have offices in France (headquarters), the U.S., and Japan to cover the global market and provide world-class technology and expertise to the Japanese market.

Quantum financial algorithm development and provision for the financial industry

Qiwi: High performance quantum emulator (up to 300 qubits) that enables prototyping, development and processing of quantum financial algorithms to increase speed and efficiency.

Online training course for quantum human resource development. Japanese with subtitles (about 130,000 yen)

Consulting and live training and follow-up on quantum finance (gated) to client companies.


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[Quantum Finance Online Training Course]







[Service Name]

The QuiX Quantum Photonics Processor


[Service Details]

Photonic processors

Applications of a photonic processor

  Quantum information processing

  Classical information processing

Operation principle of the QuiX Quantum processor



System integration

Why the QuiX Quantum photonic processor

Bespoke devices


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[Service Name]

Silicon nitride building blocks


[Service Details]

Building blocks in silicon nitride

  Phase shifter


  Tunable beamsplitter

  Delay line

  Spot-size converter

  Ring resonator Filter

  Mach-Zehnder Filter


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Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.  Cryogenics Group


[Service Name]

Design, manufacture and development of cryogenic refrigeration equipment


[Service Details]

We provide the cryogenic environment necessary for research and development of quantum computing.


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[Service Name]



[Service Details]

Qni, a web service for quantum computer programming, allows users to edit and run applications that run on quantum computers, called "quantum circuits," by drag-and-drop on a web browser. You can easily experience quantum computing using only a browser.


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Vignette & Clarity


[Service Name]

Integration of 3D models, mathematical models, and machine learning


[Service Details]

We are conducting research and development in the fusion area of 3D modeling, mathematical modeling, and machine learning. We want to automate and optimize with respect to human sensibilities; we want to automatically deform 3D models; we want to develop a 3D model that can be used in a wide range of applications. We will make a proposal from scratch according to your needs. Currently, the system is used for quantification, prediction, and design generation in the fashion and sports fields.

[Service Name]

Optimization package "vcopt


[Service Details]

vcopt" (read: VCOPT), a Python optimization package that can also be used commercially, has been developed and is now available. Our experts will build an automated and optimized system from scratch upon consultation. So far, vcopt has been used in such scenarios as ad space optimization, 3D avatar posture unification, automatic adjustment of test scoring criteria, delivery route optimization, homogenization of grouping, product packing optimization, and cooking recipe optimization.


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Inquiries about the contents of the exhibition

We welcome inquiries about the exhibition and the products of the exhibiting companies. Please feel free to contact us.

  • blueqat will be happy to assist you.

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Exhibition hall
Tokyo Big Sight, South Exhibition Hall, 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan

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